8 Portuguese DJ Producers you should know


When we think in Portuguese music we often think in Fado, Música pimba, and instruments like Portuguese Guitar, Cavaquinho and others. We often forget that despite the country small size the portuguese lineage has gave birth to some very skilled artists which I intent to outline breifly in this article.

Zen Baboon — Downtempo

Zen Baboon is a portuguese duo that got together in 2003 to create music that touch the soul. Their music is extremely organic and rich in sounds. Sometimes you might feel like you are in the jungle other times you might feel you are floating in the space. They blend techno, tribal and other elements to create an experience of its own kind.

Zen Baboon — Pé na Praia

Zen Baboon — Lacuna Batata

Zen Baboon — Beluga

Moullinex — Eletropop/Synthpop/Disco

Moullinex is a different kind of beast, it’s not easy to find DJ Producers like him. In his productions he crosses different flavours of music perfectly without leaving a fingerprint. The artist do not follow trends but the ones he creates for himself.

Moullinex — Love Love Love

Moullinex — Superman

Moullinex — Dream On

Worakls — Minimal/Orchestral Techno

Worakls is a half Portuguese, half French music magician. He started with minimal techno and slowly progressed to a more orchestral sound. The artist has been evolving since conception and his future is just like his music, a mix between mistery and excitement.

Worakls — Nikki

Worakls — Roadtrip

Worakls — Entrudo

Pete K — Progressive House

Pete K is a portuguese DJ Producer that started his journey back in 2010. He soon showed talent through his arrangements, rythm and sweet melodies. His major influences includes Eric Prydz, John Digweed, and Sasha. He is the youngest in the list but already has serious work under his belt.

Pete K — Prophet (Original Mix)

Pete K — Nova (Original Mix)

Pete K — Beyond (Original Mix)

Kura — Big Room

Kura is a world class DJ Producer, that has his sit reserved amoung the best since 2014, currently ranking 40th in the well renowned DJ MAG, he made himself ready for the big stages. He has been consistently delivering not only great tracks but also great entertainment throught captivating music videos like Calavera, Namek, Lambo and more.

Hardwell & KURA — Calavera

KURA — Collide feat. Sarah Mount

KURA & MR.BLACK — Favela (feat. MC K9)

Buraka Som Sistema — Progressive Kuduro

Buraka Som Sistema is a Angolan Portuguese group that stormed the eletronic dance music scene in the 2000s all the way up to 2010s. There was nothing like them before. They blended African and European culture in such a way that it was a challenge to stand still in their performances. Their style was heavily based in Kuduro, one of Angola’s culture flags, but not only. They have countless hits that spoiled a whole generation, Hangover, Kalemba, Yah! and more, impossible to forget.

Buraka Som Sistema x Vhils — STOOPID

Buraka Som Sistema — Sound of Kuduro

Buraka Som Sistema — Vuvuzela

DJ Vibe — Techno

DJ Vibe was the one to put Portugal in the list of the best DJ’s in the world. He was listed multiple times in the top 100 from DJ MAG and was internationally renowed not only for is productions but also for his perfect DJ skills. He was and still is the king of the underground music scene in Portugal. In case you missed it check his performances in Womb Tokyo.

DJ Vibe & Carlos Fauvrelle feat. Alan T. — Hot Room (Original Mix)

DJ Vibe & Kobbe — Superbock (Original Mix)

Dj Vibe & Victor Calderone — Tranzient (Original Mix)

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo — French House

He is the great-great-grandson of a portuguese military figure who was forced into exile in France in 1910. Luckily for us, he met Thomas Bangalter back in 1987. Time passed, and Daft Punk was formed. One of the most prolific EDM duos actually has portuguese blood.

Daft Punk — Face To Face

Daft Punk —Technologic

Daft Punk — Give Life Back to Music

Nice To Meet You

See you next time.

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